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Who We Are


Body + Soul was founded by athletes, for athletes.

We care what goes into our bodies. We believe performance and recovery shouldn’t require chemicals. Off-the-shelf topical analgesics and painkillers often only treat symptoms and aren’t always effective. So we researched the most powerful herbs and natural ingredients known for their anti-inflammation, antioxidant, and pain-relief properties, and after years of formulation, we created Miracle Sports Cream, the perfect performance aid that provides both short term and long term results while being good for your body.

Since then, we’ve brought you more of our favorite products that are key for optimizing your training and recovery. We share with you our secret weapons, and hope it pushes you to your highest level of performance!



Founder Testimonial

 julia shih founder body and soul wellness miracle sports cream


"When I was young, I had a singular passion to become a professional athlete. By 18, I'd had 5 knee surgeries including the removal of my left meniscus. By 24, doctors recommended major back surgery to deal with debilitating muscle spasms. I was told I was done with sports and would be lucky to have any pain-free days. They prescribed a lifetime of daily anti-inflammation pills. After years of listening to doctors and not getting better, I had enough and looked for a more natural resolution. Years of research and formulation later, the resulting products continue to exceed my expectations. Today I am 40, still playing competitively, training passionately. Body + Soul was born out of my desire to share the things that gave me a new lease on life with other athletes and those with a similar passion for life. May our ambitions and noble spirit never be caged by the limitations of our bodies."

-Julia Shih